Personal data

Where the collection of personal data is required, all data is handled confidentially and in full compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation. The whole information is currently only available in German. Please find the German version here.

Personal data is only collected and used where required for the functionality of the website or for the processing of contractual relationships. Users can request information at any time about their stored personal data. Beyond this, users can request deletion of any and all stored personal data, presuming that the contractual relationship is concluded and that no legal retention requirements apply.

Non-personal data
Each time a web page is accessed on the internet, a core set of data is recorded in a log file. This data is not personally identifiable and we have no method for associating the user with the data. Specifically, the following data record is stored:
- name of the accessed file,
- date and time of the page request,
- volume of transferred data,
- the access status (file transmitted, file not found, etc.),
- the referring page,
- a description of the web browser type making the request.

All page requests are collected into aggregated usage data that is used for statistical analysis and which, based on the IP address, could theoretically be used for identification purposes. No such personally identifiable analysis is performed, however.

We use cookies for analyzing the access of our website. By clicking on the "Allow cookies" button, you consent that we use them as refered in our notices data protection described ways.