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    Joined the VAUX team in 2013, chairman since 2022. Christoph Graf lives and breathes sekt, the traditional method, and Schloss VAUX. He works tirelessly with the team on growing VAUX’s unique profile.

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    Since 2016, MMM has been responsible for our vineyards and cellar in Geisenheim. A true master with an unbelievable sense for what a base wine needs to shine years later as a grand sekt.

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    Teammitglied Maike Munster
    Teammitglied Joachim Renk


    Since 2012, Joachim Renk has been responsible for sparkling wine production at VAUX. Joachim is an expert at converting still wine into grand sekt — his finger remains forever on the pulse of the process, and guides the fate of 1 million bottles.

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    Clementine took over marketing responsibilities at VAUX in 2006. Adroit in all situations, she always keeps VAUX in the right light. And as such, Clementine is guardian of a crucial part of the Schloss VAUX experience: joy at first sight!

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    VAUX Teammitglied Clementine Perlitt
    Teammitglied Maria Deckers


    Maria joined the VAUX family in 2019 and has brought a distinctive esprit and passion to our sales and marketing teams. Maria is herself a winemaker, enriching the team through her creativity, responsibility, curiosity, and ideas.

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    The best-known representative of Schloss VAUX. He ensures that the sekt is in the right place at the right time, and knows more VAUX friends and fans than any other. A VAUX-veteran with heart and soul. Bravo!

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    Teammitglied Torsten Koch
    Teammitglied Lydia Balik


    Perpetually young at heart and an ace at sports, her knowledge, meticulous nature and ambition ensure that Schloss VAUX continues its path upward and outward. She is responsible for controlling, finance — and, as a certified enologist, offers a crucial interface to production.

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    Marion Wiedemann wrote her final thesis at VAUX back in the 90s. She now serves as a living historian, able to recount many crucial interrelationships that otherwise long would have been forgotten. As the assistant to the chairman, Marion is the first point of contact for our shareholders and employees in all personnel matters.

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    Teammitglied Marion Wiedemann
    Teammitglied Anita Werner Merkator


    Anita Mercator applies her prodigious skills to keeping our sekt house resplendent. Thanks to her hard work, our “old” villa always radiates an unbelievable warmth and ambiance.

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    Robert Domanski began at VAUX years ago as a seasonal worker in the vineyards. He quickly turned heads and is now an essential part of the sparkling wine production process. You can tell by his ever-present smile that he loves what he does.

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    Teammitglied Robert Domanski
    Teammitglied Jürgen Gombert


    Jürgen spends his days out between the vines. Together with Maike, he tends and keeps tabs on our vineyards. As autumn approaches, one can sense his joy and excitement at the coming harvest — the culmination of his year’s work.

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    Adam Söhn — born-and-bred Rheingau native and “Mister Ice Bath.” His eyes and ears are essential during disgorging, where he can tell from the plop alone whether traditional bottle fermentation has worked properly. His dedication and hands-on approach throughout the company is a gift to VAUX.

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    Teammitglied Adam Söhn
    Teammitglied Nikolaus Graf

    von Plettenberg

    23 years as chairman. Nikolaus Graf von Plettenberg has shaped the development at Schloss VAUX like no other before him. Perhaps his grandest move was creating Cuvée Vaux—which has gone on to become VAUX’s most famous sekt. Time has shown that it was an astute path to carrying the brand, and the team, into the future.

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