From grape to sparkling delight

Each Sekt from Schloss VAUX is created with the greatest craftsmanship and care using classic bottle fermentation, known as "Méthode traditionnelle." This gentle technique, involving extended aging on the lees in original VAUX bottles, is known for producing complex sparkling wines with sophisticated fruit aromas and an elegant mousse.

It requires the finest of base wine, with yeast and sugar (the 'tirage') added directly into the original Sekt bottle to facilitate secondary fermentation. Over the course of approx. 4 weeks, that sugar in the wine is converted into natural carbonation, the hallmark of sparkling wine. The Sekt then ages for many months on its own lees, or yeast sediment.

According to the German Wine Act, any sparkling wine labeled as "classic" or "Méthode traditionnelle" must age for a minimum of 9 months 'sur lie'. The longer the wine 'sleeps' in this way, the richer the Sekt aromas and the finer its bubbles. Over the course of this process, the sparkling wine is slowly turned (riddled) to move the yeast into the bottle neck in preparation for removal (disgorging).

A liquor of wine and sugar (the 'dosage') can then be added to the 'new wine' — technically classified as 'extra brut' — to achieve the final desired taste style. The result of these complex and time-intensive steps: a unique bottle, cherished by connoisseurs all over the world over and ready to be uncorked.

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