How it
all began ...

The VAUX story began in 1868 with the founding of Schloss VAUX in Berlin. The company spent the next years growing itself into a notable German Sekt producer, acquiring Château VAUX on the Moselle near Metz and thereafter an extended network of vineyards.

For fifty years Château VAUX was also home to the company's sparkling wine cellar. In the turbulent period that followed, the region became part of France and the owners were forced to sell the property. They relocated to Eltville on the Rhine. Since then, Schloss VAUX has specialized in producing fine sparkling wines in the Rheingau style.

In 1982 a small, close group of friends acquired Schloss VAUX from a subsidiary of the Dresdner Bank. Gustav Adolf Schaeling, a bank director from Wiesbaden, became chairman of the board and began revitalizing the tradition-rich Sekt producer.

Five years later it was converted into a joint stock company. A group of 60 shareholders was formed, all dedicated with heart and soul to the Rheingau still and sparkling wine culture. Nikolaus Graf von Plettenberg has led the house since 1998. Prinz Michael zu Salm-Salm sits at the head of the supervisory board. Their presence ensures for their customers that Schloss VAUX will retain its exclusive private character in the years ahead.

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